Born in Paris and based in the UK, I am an award-winning graphic designer with a special focus on brand identity design. Approachable and affordable, you get all my graphic designer experience and professionalism, with a personal touch and competitive pricing.

With the support of a network of specialists, I provide a full range of graphic design services, from the design of your logo, to the creation of your website, via the packaging of your products. My informed ideas and carefully crafted design solutions are crucial in building your distinctive brand identity.

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Start-up Branding Kit

If you’re starting a new business or launching a new brand, the creation of a distinctive identity/logo is paramount. For most start-ups, its design and implementation can be too pricey and time-consuming. To keep the design process simple and affordable, I’m offering to all start-ups a comprehensive solution.

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My belief in the power of storytelling and my distinctive approach have been instrumental in the compilation of my portfolio of creative and effective graphic design work, spanning over three decades. Whether you’re large or small and you want to be a leading brand in your field, I can help you make it happen.

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